The Italianist is Italy’s first English language online news resource made by Italians for non-Italians.

The Italianist wants to be an objective source of daily news and in-depth analysis about Italian internal and foreign affairs for foreign people interested in everything about Italy, and for Italians who want to read what the world media are saying about the Belpaese.

But, we also do not forget the Italy’s English-speaking readership market (including expatriates working for embassies, multinational companies, the Vatican and the three Rome-based U.N. agencies, the FAO, IFAD and WFP, plus the US troops based in Italy). And, last but not least, the million of immigrants for whom it will maybe be easier to understand a little bit more about our country.

The founder and Editorial Director of “The Italianist” is Franco Spicciariello, a Policy Manager by profession (he’s a Senior Partner at Open Gate Italia, and previously was a Government Affairs Manager at Microsoft) and member of the North American Soccer Reporters Association.

Editor in Chief is Tullio Camiglieri, Chairman of Open Gate Italia, an Italian professional journalist, a former Head of Communications at NewsCorp. and Vice-Editor in Chief at TG5 news (Mediaset)

Furthermore, The Italianist has a team of highly experienced and insightful journalists and young reporters.

Contact: fs@opengateitalia.com


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