Del Piero: Australia and Sydney FC were the right choice

alessandro-del-pieroAlessandro Del Piero is completely comfortable with his decision to join Sydney FC in September.

The Italian great left Juventus to sign with the A-League club ahead of the 2012/13 season and as he strives to get the Sky Blues into the finals ahead of the last regular season match, says he remains happy with his choice.

Every day that passes I am convinced that, for me and for my family, I made the right choice,” he told Corriere dello Sport.

If I wanted to experience life in a country closer to Italy, and I speak not only of distance, I could have accepted other offers. But I really wanted a change. And here I found the best opportunity to find one.

Italy is my country and I miss it. But I do not suffer the trauma of separation because I’m fine in Australia. I know that I’ll return. What I do not miss (about Italy) is a certain aggressiveness and rudeness which, unfortunately, I find not only widespread in society but also in the world of football.”

Del Piero also talked about his former Italy’s team mate Francesco Totti and Manchester United great Ryan Giggs. «The value of a player can be value by the level of his opposites, something that he was for me. A great opposite and a great teammate There is a great esteem between us, which goes outside the field, over our personal history. Who loves soccer must love someone like him. Giggs? I think I’ve been lucky to play against him, to shake his hand as captain and being praised by him. He’s a flag, not just for United. It’s his own merit and of the people who still believe in him».



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