Italian President Napolitano Calls for Unity of Political Forces

President Giorgio Napolitano today called Italy”s political forces to think about the general interest of the country and give continuity to the democratic institutions amid the crisis of ingovernability created after the elections.

Two days after ordering the center-left leader Pier Luigi Bersani to check whether he had the necessary support in both houses of Parliament to form a new government, the head of State urged for unity for the sake of the nation.

napolitanoDuring a ceremony in memory of those killed during the Nazi occupation of Ardeatine Fosse in Rome on March 24, 1944, Napolitano appealed to the responsibility of the forces resulting from the election last month, when the center-left was the winner but without the clear majority.

On Friday, the president instructed Bersani, who has an absolute majority in the Chamber of Deputies, to explore whether he has the confidence vote in the Senate to institute a government, when the main formations remain divided.

Today, the center-left leader promoted the second day of consultations on the establishment of the Executive and considered necessary to achieve that goal as soon as possible.

Italy needs to address the problems of its citizens, for five months the country has been without a government and we need to take time to build an efficient way, but this should also be as soon as possible, said the general secretary of the Democratic Party.


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