The many no’s of Italy. A luxury we cannot afford – by G.Pedullà

NO_TAV_We will starve. With a good code in hand, but we will die of starvation. Thanks to a Babel of old laws that cripple dozens of sites, major public works as well as small and medium-sized private initiatives. A disturbing data.

In a country that doesn’t move a penny, there is a mountain of parked euros – or perhaps hidden – who knows where. Funds allocated and approved by the CIPE, the Interministerial Committee for Economic Planning, which are not spent for various reasons. Or for environmental or worse, bureaucratic, constraints. Or there’s money, a lot, budgeted by municipalities and other local authorities, blocked by the constraints of the Stability Pact. One of those laws for public spending control that has created the most devastating destructive effects on our economy.

We are a country that doesn’t perceive the seriousness of the moment that we are living, now. Yesterday, manufacturers have released a figure of unconditional surrender: the real estate market is in disarray. Hundreds of businesses have closed and thousands of workers have been laid off, not to mention the furniture industry (if you don’t build new homes, you don’t have to furnish them). Today, there is no public work that doesn’t have to face the most unimaginable obstacles. Appeals to the Administrative Courts, vetoes of any kind. It’s the triumph of the many no’s of Italy. An Italy that doesn’t want the TAV (the Italian high-speed train), the Messina Bridge, wind energy.

These vetoes are not for free. And they don’t make Italy a better country.


La Notizia


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