Pope Francis is (also) a Juventus fan!

Papa JuveThe famous Italian journalist Bruno Vespa, you know, is a Juventus fan. But last night, during the episode of his show “Porta a Porta” dedicated to the new pope, he said he’s not alone. In fact, it seems that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is not just a big soccer fan, and specifically a “cuervo”, meaning a fan (with card number 88235N) of San Lorenzo de Almagro, one of the top five teams in Buenos Aires, the city where he was born.

The sister of the Pope, Maria Elena Bergoglio, also explained that the pope is related to Omar Sivori, the great Argentine native (and 1961 Golden Ball winner) who also played in Italy. The Pope’s mother, Maria Regina Sivori, who died in 1981, was originally from the Lavagna (in the Genoa area), the same of the famous player’s grandfather.

I remember that the player has been mentioned on a few occasions when the family were talking about ‘Sivoris’ and Argentina. – the sister told Italian wire agency ANSA – My mother told me that in fact we were all relatives, even if in some cases far away, and that over the years we have distributed a little in different parts of the country.”

Sivori arrived at Juventus in 1957 and remained until 1965, forming a formidable attacking trio alongside the Welsh striker John Charles and future Juventus’ president Giampiero Boniperti, winning three league titles and three Italian Cups. He then moved to Napoli.

But yesterday night we learned from Vespa (who during a night show in October 1998 received a call from Pope John Paul II!) that the Pope is also a “fan of an Italian team,” that the team “is not AS Roma,” and that “just think of the origins” for out what works. That is, the Piedmont, from where the Bergoglio family comes . The anchor man did not want to reveal the name of the team because he fears the controversy, which confirms that the team may not be the Torino. So, by default, is only Juventus. Yes, Pope Francis is a juventino.


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