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Dictionary of the Mess Up – by Marco Travaglio

img_606X341_2002-italy-carnival-politicsThe 5 Star people that voted for Grasso as opposed to Schifani, knew all too well who Schifani is and they chose the least worst, that is Grasso. But they didn’t have the foggiest idea of who Grasso is, and that is a big problem. Especially for those that say they get their information from the Internet so as to escape the regime propaganda. If they had truly read up on this, they would have discovered that the Schifani-Grasso dualism was fictitious.

Schifani has always been pleasing to the PD, and in fact, 5 years ago they didn’t put up a candidate to stand against him, they consigned blank ballot papers in the election and they sent Ms Finocchiaro to give him a kiss on the cheek. Then when I talked about Schifani on TV, the first to attack me were Finocchiaro, Violante, Gentiloni, Ruffini (the director of Rai3) and La Repubblica. Schifani was the connecting link in the PDL-PD mess up. Just as Grasso, who, in order to avoid political attacks, has always stayed well clear of the most uncomfortable investigations into the mafia and politics, while other prosecuting magistrates have paid and are still paying the indescribable price for carrying out their investigations.

No one has written this in the centre page spreads about the new President of he Senate: but when Grasso arrived in the Palermo Prosecutors’ Office in 2000, he found that Schifani was under investigation for mafia involvement and he had the case immediately closed. (That investigation was reopened after his departure.) In that way, he runs with the hare and hunts with the hounds and becomes the darling of the PDL (who planted him in the position of the National Antimafia Prosecutor, and getting Caselli ousted by law), the darling of the Centre (who wanted him as a candidate) and of the PD (who got as a candidate).

But what counts in politics is not truth, but the perception of truth, and that’s why on Saturday, it was difficult for the Sicilian Grillo people not to vote for a guy who had been painted as a spotless and fearless knight. Once more, the regime media give their all to play the game of the parties, with the careful delivery of half truths and half lies and the double-standards dictionary of the great occasions.

Leninism. The basic rule of democracy is that the majority decides and that whoever loses either gets used to it or leaves (apart from a few issues for which an individual’s conscience is at stake). That’s how the M5S behaved on the issues of the Presidents of the Upper and Lower Houses, with the majority deciding to present blank ballot papers. But, given that that was not pleasing to the PD, the minority became democratic and the majority anti-democratic. “Leninist”, said Bersani, without explaining with which democratic method he passed in 48 hours from offering the two Houses to Monti and M5S, to the duo Franceschini-Finocchiaro, and then to the duo Boldrini – Grasso.

Dissent. Now we discover there’s a pro-dissenters “web revolt” But also, according to Mannheimer’s opinion poll published in Il Corriere, 70% of M5S voters are against the mess ups with the PD. Dear trumpeters, could you kindly agree among yourselves and then let us know the situation, possibly using the correct names for things?

Marco Travaglio, editorial of Il Fatto Quotidiano – 19 March 2013


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