Rumors d’Italie: Luca di Montezemolo (Ferrari), Colao (Vodafone), Zingales (UCBSB), Arpe (Sator)

Luca-Cordero-Di-Montezemolo_h_partbLuca Cordero di Montezemolo (Ferrari) – The president of Ferrari is upset about the future of “Italia Futura“, the political think tank he founded in 2009.. which reached its zenit in last November 6,000 people gathered to listen to his Manifesto.  But, his project bitterly failed, mainly due to a clash of ambitions with Bocconian Prime Minister Mario Monti and by the conflict of interest connected to his role with passenger railway company NTV. Moreover, LCDM has been abandoned by powerful Catholic personalities like the Minister – and founder of the Community of Sant’EgidioAndrea Riccardi, who are not interested anymore in following LCDM. Thus, the next step for “Italia Futura” seems to be a shut down. PS: Mr. Monti’s political party, “Scelta Civica“, is also on the edge of a melt down…

Vittorio Colao (Vodafone) – The CEO of the UK telecom group has good reasons to be worried. It seems that between January and Spetember 2012  Vodafone Italia lost 9,3% of its revenues (and losses are up to € 100 million), and not even the growth of the internet usage on the mobile phones can limitate the losses coming from the -1 billion calls. That’s why the company is working with the Unions on 600 layoffs in Sicily, which could be followed by other 1,000.. .

Luigi Zingales (Chicago Booth School of Business) – The Padua economist is thinking about resigning from Telecom Italia board of administration, in which he’s been appointed as an independent member. The reason is that in a recent meeting he used extremely harsh words towards the sale of “La7” TV to the publisher Urbano Cairo, and also expressed his reserves towards the € 750 million bond emission. Prf. Zingales is on the same line of Mediobanca president Renato Pagliaro, who is very skeptical of Mr. Franco Bernabé management of the telecom company. For many Telecom Italia sharelders, Pprof. Zingales is not “one of the 100 most influential global thinkers” , but just an assh… who should just think about his Chicago University…

Matteo Arpe (Sator-Banca Profilo) Mr. Arpe and his Banca Profilo are ready to play the role of advisor for News 3.0, the company that wants to buy the 10 magazines on sale by RCS.  dei 10 periodici messi in vendita da Rcs. Furthermore, Arpe would like to add to the operation a small financial newspaper…


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